We Specialize In Match-making Your Lifestyle To The Right Neighborhood!

The neighborhood in which you reside and invest so much of your hard-earned money into should match the lifestyle that you want to lead! Your home and neighborhood should inspire you, make you happy, and support the things you wish to do when you are home. If you like taking walks with your dog...then there should be places to walk and the kinds of sites of interest nearby...maybe that's the recreational trails, or maybe it's clean sidewalks with street lights...each neighborhood is unique, each with different amenities, characteristics, schools, and nearby sites.

So the BEST way to find the neighborhood(s) that will be a good fit for you, is to consult with us personally. We have over 46 years of experience and intimate knowledge of the homes and neighborhoods that exist in North Orange County, as well as other SoCal cities, so that you can BE SURE that you will NOT have any buyer regrets. If you choose to be one of our VIP buyers, you WILL be sure to uncover all the possible best options to match what lifestyle you desire that fits your budget.

Melisa designed a protocol that accomplishes an interactive mapping search tool to accomplish this. NO other team or agents in the area have this unique strategy and system. Over 80% of buyers, when polled, after purchasing their home have reported that one of their biggest fears was "buying a home in the wrong neighborhood"...that "if they had only known about..." the [other] neighborhood, when they were buying, that they would have chosen to live there instead. This system will GUARANTEE your success. And so if you don't love it, we will list it for free!* (See our Love it or List it for Free page for more info on this awesome Buyer Peace of Mind Guarantee).

A list of neighborhoods is below...scroll...

Or, we have MANY MORE...this is just a starting point for you, if you happen to know the name of a specific community and want more info. This list is being added to every month...so bookmark it, if you are shopping in SoCal and curious. But if you are READY to have your lifestyle match...please request a consultation here:

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Neighborhoods - By City Name And Then Neighborhood/tract Name

Fullerton - Adlena Park (aka Lower Muck)

Fullerton - Amberwood*

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Amerige Point**

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Alcott

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Benchley Hills

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - GalleryWalk*

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Marston

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - PlazaWalk*

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Radcliffe*

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Sage

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Silverleaf

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Stonybrook

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - StudioWalk*

Fullerton - Amerige Heights - Talmadge

Fullerton - Broadmoor

Fullerton - Country Hills

Fullerton - Country Villas*

Fullerton - Coyote Hills Estates

Fullerton - Fairway Village (*)

Fullerton - Fieldstone

Fullerton - Fullerton Creek*

Fullerton - Fullerton Creek Ranch (aka Sequoia Homes)

Fullerton - Fullerton Crest

Fullerton - Fullerton Hills

Fullerton - Gallery Collection

Fullerton - Greenacre Estates (in Sunny Hills Estates)

Fullerton - Hawks Pointe - Cardinal Crest

Fullerton - Hawks Pointe - Falcon Ridge

Fullerton - Heritage Homes

Fullerton - Hermosa Flats

Fullerton - Hermosa Heights

Fullerton - Hermosa Rural

Fullerton - Hidden Lakes*

Fullerton - Highland Homes

Fullerton - Hillcrest Historic Homes

Fullerton - Hillcrest Senior Condos*

Fullerton - Lakeside

Fullerton - Maison DeFleur*

Fullerton - Malvern Creek*

Fullerton - Mark III*

Fullerton - Morning Sun Homes

Fullerton - Muckenthaler Hills

Fullerton - Murphy Ranch (in Sunny Hills)

Fullerton - Norwood Estates

Fullerton - Parkhurst

Fullerton - Park Vista

Fullerton - Peppermill Run

Fullerton - Pinehurst at the Greens (West)

Fullerton - Pinehurst (East)

Fullerton - President Homes

Fullerton - Presidential Collection

Fullerton - Raymond Flats

Fullerton - Raymond Heights

Fullerton - Raymond Hills

Fullerton - Rolling Hills

Fullerton - Sorrento Hills

Fullerton - Stone Pine Estates

Fullerton - Sunny Hills (Murphy Ranch)

Fullerton - Sunny Hills Estates

Fullerton - Sunny Park North (aka New Sunny Hills)

Fullerton - Sunny Park South (aka New Sunny Hills)

Fullerton - Sunny Ranch

Fullerton - Sunny Ridge Townhomes*

Fullerton - The Trails

Fullerton - Threewoods - Fieldstone

Fullerton - Threewoods - Pinnacle

Fullerton - Turnleaf - Aspens

Fullerton - Turnleaf - Cedars

Fullerton - University

Fullerton - Westridge 

Fullerton - Westside*

Fullerton - Willow Ridge of Rolling Hills

Fullerton - Valencia Mesa of Sunny Hills Estates



Brea - Amberhill

Brea - ArtisanWalk

Brea - Ash Street Cottages

Brea - Blackstone - Amber

Brea - Blackstone - Avignon

Brea - Blackstone - Emerald Heights

Brea - Blackstone - Jade

Brea - Blackstone - Montserrat

Brea - Blackstone - Sorano

Brea - Canyon Country

Brea - Christopher Homes of Olinda Ranch

Brea - Country Hills

Brea - Downtown

Brea - Downtown Collection

Brea - Eagle Hills

Brea - Fieldstone Terrace

Brea - Friendly Hills

Brea - La Floresta

Brea - North Woods

Brea - Shadow Mountain

Brea - Tomlinson Park

Brea - Village at Brea Summit

Brea - Walden Estates


Irvine - Alder Creek

Irvine - Bel Aire

Irvine - Campanile

Irvine - Casero

Irvine - Columbia Square

Irvine - Eastwood Village

Irvine - Evergreen

Irvine - Great Park

Irvine - Los Olivos - Barcelona

Irvine - Northwood

Irvine - Orchard Hills

Irvine - Portola Springs

Irvine - Sonoma

Irvine - University Town Center - Princeton Townhomes*

Irvine - Vintner's Reserve

Irvine - West Irvine

Irvine - Woodbury


Tustin - Alicante

Tustin - Briarwood

Tustin - El Dorado

Tustin - Malaga

Tustin - Mendocino North

Tustin - Miramar

Tustin - Montecito

Tustin - Palo Vista

Tustin - San Miguel

Tustin - Santa Venetia

Tustin - Sheridan Square

Tustin - Terrazza

Tustin - Villages of Irvine


Yorba Linda - Chateau Hills

Yorba Linda - Country Estates

Yorba Linda - Coventry Hills

Yorba Linda - Coventry YL

Yorba Linda - Covington Classics

Yorba Linda - East Lake Village Estates

Yorba Linda - East Lake Village Heights

Yorba Linda - East Lake Village Heritage

Yorba Linda - East Lake Village Park Homes

Yorba Linda - East Lake Village Traditions

Yorba Linda - Enclave

Yorba Linda - Fairmont Terrace

Yorba Linda - Orange Grove Park

Yorba Linda - Orchard, The

Yorba Linda - Pennhill

Yorba Linda - Preserve, The

Yorba Linda - Terra Linda Estates

Yorba Linda - Terra Linda of YL

Yorba Linda - Vintage Collection of YL

Yorba Linda - Windermere Village


La Habra - Country Hills East

La Habra - Country Hills West

La Habra - Coyote Creek

La Habra - Westhills

La Habra - Westridge


CHECK BACK HERE for each neighborhood to have LINKS, so you can see info, pictures, floorplans and other info for each neighborhood.